Your first driving lesson

So, you’ve booked (or at least considered) your first driving lesson, and alongside the excitement of finally getting behind the wheel, comes the nerves of putting yourself in control of a car. So to help get rid of the butterflies, and help you focus on getting the most out of your first time in the drivers’ seat – here’s what to expect on your first driving lesson.

Before your first driving lesson

You will need to apply for your provisional driving licence by obtaining form D1 from any car tax issuing branches of a post office or through DVLA at

Application can be made up to 3 months before your 17th birthday (unless you are receiving a higher rate of disability benefit, then the minimum age is 16). However, you can not start learning to drive until your 17th birthday.

Are you healthy?

There are certain medical conditions that could endanger safe driving and must be declared. See Direct Gov – medical rules for all drivers.
Eyesight – part of the driving test involves asking you to read a number plate from a distance of 20.5 meters for and ‘old style’ plate eg. VNK 556S or 20 meters for a ‘new style’ plate eg. AB52 XYZ. So, if you have any doubts perhaps book an eye test before you start your driving lessons.

What to expect on your first driving lesson

Putting your time, money and most importantly safety in the hands of someone you’ve only just spoken to on the phone and the fear of learning to drive can seem like a daunting experience. With over a decade of experience in the driver training industry, I have worked with all types of pupils and understand that the first time behind the wheel can be intimidating. I will always take the time to familiarise you with the car and help you feel calm and at ease.

Here’s what to expect on your first driving lesson.

I will meet you at our agreed location and ask you to read a vehicle registration plate. If all is well, I will drive us to a suitably quiet area where we will then get you in to the driving seat. The lesson will begin by teaching you the ‘Cockpit Drill’ which will enable you to fully understand the controls of the car, how we operate them and getting you familiar with the instructions I will use. Once your happy with these, I will get you to move off slowly using clutch control, steering, changing gear and braking. If at this stage you are feeling confident, you may get up to 4th gear. If you would rather take things slowly, I will ensure that we maintain an appropriate level to suit you.

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