Learning with Pat gave me all of the skills I needed to become a great young driver. I now feel safe and confident whilst behind the wheel. All of the lessons were filled with great tips and plenty of practical work which made me feel calm and well prepared for my driving test. I passed first time!

Pat has a clear passion for what she does and this is central to her talent as a driving instructor. Her thorough, well structured lesson plan ensured my full understanding of the syllabus and her advanced knowledge on driving helped clear up the uncertainties I had. Pat is extremely patient and easy to talk to, I enjoyed the lessons and always felt at comfort. She was very strong at quickly recognising my weaknesses and helping to iron them out which was crucial for me passing the test. Ultimately I would recommend Pat to anyone learning to drive: she excelled not only at helping me to pass my test first time but also at shaping me into a safe and confident road user!

Learning to drive with Pat was an amazing experience. She was always calm, patient and friendly. I never imagined that I would pass on my first attempt. I can never thank you enough Pat.

Learning to drive with Pat was a brilliant experience – not only did she teach me confidently and thoroughly but the lessons were fun and a pleasant experience. Pat obviously puts a lot of thought into teaching her pupils and adapts in a way that suits them as individuals. Thank you so much for all your help Pat! Never in a million years did I think I could pass first time! But with Pats help I did!

I contacted Pat after being let down by several instructors and failing my first test. After an assessment, Pat immediately recognised where I was going wrong and where I needed improvement, as well as focusing on making me as comfortable as possible. Pat was always professional and ensured that my lessons were well structured and organised, while keeping me calm and composed with lots of friendly talk. At the end of every lesson I walked away knowing I was one step closer to passing and I can assure anyone, that taking lessons with Pat, is money well spent, she is worth every penny! I would recommend Pat, without hesitation, to anyone looking for a highly skilled, trustworthy and reliable instructor. I can not thank Pat enough for helping me pass (only 3 minor faults) and I would never have been able to pass without her help and support.

I loved every moment learning with Pat! Nothing was ever a bother to her, she always encouraged me and made me build my confidence. Everything was structured each lesson and we both new my goal for the lesson, she gave clear instruction and ensured that I understood. Pat is very professional and is very good at helping to relieve any nerves with her calming personality. Pat has a very clear passion for her job and works very hard to help reach the end goal! Pat worked with me to pass first time with no minor faults! I could definitely not have done it without her! I would highly recommend Pat to anyone learning to drive. Fantastic!

I have really enjoyed learning to drive with Pat, she is always patient and calm when teaching new topics or improving confidence in certain areas. Pat lets you make a few (safe!) mistakes which I have always learnt better from, and has been good at explaining why things went wrong so I rarely make the mistake again. Having just had my first day on the road after passing my test first time with only 3 minor faults, I felt very confident in my ability and knowledge of how to handle whatever is thrown at me out there. I would recommend Pat in a heart beat, thank you Pat!

I would recommend Pat to anyone! Without her I would still be questioning whether or not I could even attempt my test let alone pass it! She has such a great way of teaching, she understands exactly what you need to work on and how to move you forward. I passed first time which is something I never thought I would be able to do and it’s all thanks to you Pat!

I really enjoyed my time learning with Pat. She won’t just teach you how to pass the test but also how to be a safe and confident driver. From following her well thought out lesson plan, I was able to pass my test first time with just 5 minor faults. I would highly recommend Pat to anyone who is nervous about learning to drive, as I now feel prepared for anything the road can throw at me. Thanks Pat!

Learning with Pat was a very good experience, the thorough lessons was complimented with genuine conversations. This made the lessons much more comfortable and provided a very good environment to learn in. I would recommend these lessons to anybody who is learning to drive as I now feel comfortable and confident on the roads, which is all due to Pat and her constant reassurance and kind personality. I felt very confident heading into my test and that was down to the Pats knowledge and passion. Thank you very much Pat, can’t express my gratitude enough!

Pat has been amazing, she teaches you how to drive safely rather than just getting you through the test. Pat covers every subject in depth and makes sure you understand what is needed. Pat has helped me become a confident and sensible driver, this was aided by her pleasant and constructive attitude. Pat puts every effort into each lesson, ironing out any imperfections or bad habits. I would recommend Pat to anyone wanting to learn to drive as she helped me achieve 0 minors in my driving test, thank you so much Pat!

I came to Pat having just failed a test in Enfield before moving up to Bedford. Since then my style of driving has been entirely remade from fast and loose to something far more safe, controlled and most importantly test-standard in the space of a mere 18 hours’ tuition over 8 weeks. This feat is even more noteworthy since I have had to do all this on roads which I have never seen before which only adds to the pressure of a test environment. I can confidently recommend Pat for anyone who wants to learn in a comprehensive manner and I am sure my brother will agree when he learns with her next year.

Having been adamant I was never going to learn to drive, my situation changed and I had no choice but to take the plunge. I searched carefully for an instructor who would be good with a nervous and reluctant learner and I couldn’t have found a better fit than Pat. She was methodical in her approach to teaching all the topics required, teaching them in a sensible order to ensure that confidence was built in the basics before moving onto more tricky subjects and was always calm, encouraging and friendly on every lesson. I couldn’t believe it when I passed my test first time with just four minors, but Pat would never put a learner forward for their test until she knew they were ready. And she ensures that you don’t just learn with the aim of passing your test, but you learn the skills and attitude to be a confident and safe driver. I couldn’t recommend Pat highly enough to anyone wanting to learn to drive and will be booking her again in the future for a Pass Plus course. Thank you Pat!

After 4 years of trying to learn how to drive (safely) and pass my test; 2 Instructors and 3 failed tests, I was lucky to meet Pat, who accepted to teach me how to drive safely, enhance my driving skills in a structured way, build my confidence and deal with my anxiety.I cannot thank her enough for all the help and moral support in the last year. Her patience and dedication is testament to her results.
I highly recommend her!